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saahasam swaasaga saagipo review

saahasam swaasaga saagipo review!

saahasam swaasaga saagipo review

saahasam swaasaga saagipo reviewIndianexpress: 3/10

In a love story, a conflict or danger is an obvious crucible that forms the plot. But presenting it in the most unpredictable way is what a good script can achieve. This story attempts to bring that effect. A boy falls in love with a girl and goes on a road trip with her and his “first love” (his RE bike). They meet with an accident after which the film turns into a thriller. The film shows how a flight-or-fight reaction can be fused with a romance. It is a textbook portrayal of how people react when pushed to their boundaries. clickhere to visit site

Times of India: 3.5/5

The second half has a lot happening and the audience are just as confused as the characters in the movie. You’ll want to relate to Divya and Rajinikanth’s turmoil as you watch the pacy scenes but you have no information to do so. You’ll keep waiting for answers and all of them are answered in a 5 minute scene in the climax, as Rajinikanth narrates it. It probably would’ve been better if the story unravelled steadily over the span of 2 and a half hours, rather. clickhere to visit site

IMDb: 8.6/10

Naga Chaitanya once again gave a brilliant performance.He gave nice output for both love and serious modes.Manjima Mohan is cute and gave good performance.Sathish Krishnan as hero’s friend is awesome.Baba Sehgal is decent in Villain role. clickhere to visit site

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