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Force 2 review

Force 2 review-John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin

Force 2 review

force 2 ReviewIndian Express-Rating: 1.5/5

Neither John Abraham’s hot bod nor Tahir Raj Bhasin’s interesting portrayal of the villain can force this film out of the ‘obvious’ territory. The long car chases will tire you out too. clickhere to visit site

Times of India-Rating: 3.0/5

John Abraham is intense and impressive when he’s breaking jaws and lifting cars, Tahir Raj Bhasin (in an extension of his Mardaani role) is good and shows his vulnerable side. Sonakshi Sinha’s half-hearted performance, however, can be partly blamed on her annoyingly underwritten character. KK is the worst-trained RAW agent without an iota of intuition who has to be told to do everything. It’s your usual arm-candy role, padded with a layer of faux feminism. clickhere to visit site

India Today-Rating: 2/5

The good news: Force 2 makes for a remotely better viewing than John Abraham’s other 2016  action flick Rocky Handsome. The bad news: John Abraham isn’t the reason for this brief compliment. This despite him appearing shirtless with the veins in his neck popping out at one point, and even fighting in a white towel. The actor who makes this film a remotely interesting watch is Tahir Raj Bhasin (of Mardaani fame), who may not have Abraham’s fighting skills but certainly has a body which he isn’t afraid to show off entirely. At least the CBFC’s blurred portion suggests so. clickhere to visit site

Hindustan Times-Rating: 2/5

A funny looking gangster is in the midst of negotiating a deal when a bike stops in front of him. The rider is a tough cop whose shirt is doing a bad job of containing his bulging biceps. Soon we are told that he doesn’t fear death… because he lost his wife five years ago. During the fight that follows, one of the gangster’s sidekicks attacks the cop and a nail pierces through his shoulder. It’s a good excuse for him to do away with the shirt. So, he removes his shirt, flashes his chiseled body (of course the camera angles are the key here), beats up the bad guys, and walks away in super slow motion. clickhere to visit site

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